How our Professional Services Framework can meet the demands of a fast changing environment

Chris Harrison, Senior Buyer

To be or not to be: that is the question

Due to the current uncertainty within the markets and anticipated legislative changes, it’s now more important than ever that organisations provide compliant, high standard properties for their tenants.

The latest iteration of the Professional Services Framework has been designed to take account of the potential changes within the market, following the Hackitt review and release of the Government’s Social Housing Green Paper. A survey conducted by Inside Housing for Procurement Hub found that these reports are having a significant impact on organisations asset management direction. The main focus being around fire risk assessment and compliance.

Whilst compliance is the main driving factor this is interlinked with the feedback and satisfaction of residents. Other strategic areas that are still a high priority include Stock Condition, Maintenance and Development, all of which are supported with the new Framework.

These services are intangible with varied definitions and subject to differing views and so by their very nature it makes it difficult to procure.

Compared to goods which are often off-the-shelf, service specifications need more work and tend to be variable. It’s fair to say that most service specifications require some form of tailoring. This is never truer than when it comes to defining what you want from your professional services provider.

Professional Services was first procured by Procurement Hub in 2011 and such was its success and demand, the procurement was re-conducted in 2014 and now in 2018.

The landscape for professional services can be very complex with the range of services required by the public sector being diverse. Procurement Hub have completed a fully transparent tender process, compliant with Public Contract Regulations, to appoint Savills (UK) Ltd as a lead provider. This leaves the time saved for you to spend on defining and finalising your scope to ensure you receive the exact services to meet your requirements.

With a direct award to Savills (UK) Ltd the process is simple, fast and easy.


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