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We offer a number of free-to-join procurement solutions that bring together top suppliers, consultants and contractors.

A range of procurement solutions

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Our Apprenticeships DPS allows you to maximise the return on your levy contributions and develop the skills of your workforce driving business improvement and increased social value.



Builders merchants and associated services

Our builders merchants solution provides access to market supply chains and building materials.

The solution includes building, heating, plumbing and electrical services plus tool and plant hire.

Built environment

Our Built Environment solution provides a holistic approach to urban development.From feasibility through to post-construction, our solution gives consideration to the most appropriate planning and building methods, integrating modern technologies with innovative work practices to deliver our clients projects and create environmentally low impact spaces.


Commercial and domestic appliances

From laundry to catering, our commercial and domestic appliances solution includes supply and installation of all commercial and domestic appliances.



Our Compliance solution helps your organisation stay in tune with all of its regulatory responsibilities. From fire risk assessment through to electrical testing, we can provide quick and compliant access to a range of the best accredited suppliers.


Development consultants

Our development consultants solution offers end-to-end placemaking services including masterplanning, architects, environmental, employers agents and sales and marketing.

Development contractors

Our development contractors solution connects you with specialist construction partners to help you deliver your development project to the highest standard.

The solution includes services for major and minor construction works and for new-build and refurbishment programmes.

Energy consultancy and procurement

Our energy consultancy and procurement solution will help you develop a comprehensive procurement strategy.

The solution includes energy procurement, bill validation services, energy consultancy, energy metering and advice on energy legislation.

Energy supply

Our Energy supply solution is a competitive, OJEU compliant agreement to provide energy supply related services required by public sector clients, which removes the procurement barrier currently encountered. 

Furniture and homeware

Our furniture and homeware framework is a one-stop-shop offering all types of contract quality furniture required in a place of residence for both short and long term tenancy basis, as well as a full interior design service.

The solution is unique as it delivers social value though the supply chain.


Kitchen supply

Our Kitchen supply framework offers a national network of OJEU compliant, full service kitchen solutions, for projects of all sizes whether it be a new build or refurbishment project.

Legal services

Our legal services solution provides your organisation with access to legal services in areas including property, finance, employment, healthcare plus much more.

Major Projects

Major Projects

Our Major Projects solution is another first of its kind, offering an OJEU compliant, independently financially audited, and fully risk managed solution for major construction projects.

Professional services

Our professional services framework offers a direct route to all your asset management requirements.

It provides the scope to choose anything from fire risk assessments and stock condition surveys to investment planning and technical surveying.

Property works

Our property works solution enables you to meet the challenge of ongoing repairs and maintenance to your property stock. The solution covers all manner of trades offering value for money, OJEU compliancy as well as assisting with Section 20 requirements.

Specialist Contractors DPS

Designed to complement our other solutions for Property Works and Compliance Services, Specialist Contractors DPS is the final element to a full support service to help with all your repairs and maintenance related projects. 

Waste services

Our Waste services solution covers all forms of waste removal and recycling. It's OJEU compliant and offers a fully integrated service taking care of all associated paperwork.

It helps to reduce your environmental impact and can save your organisation time and money.

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