Fee Clarity

Wondering what our fees are? 

At Procurement Hub we believe in being open and honest. We don’t believe in hiding behind the common misdirection of ‘no fees'. Therefore, you will easily find the fee at the top of each solution page.

Although other consortia may tell you that there are no fees… that might not be entirely true.

Most procurement consortia claim to charge ‘no fees’ and directly there may not be, but, indirectly it's likely that there are. Almost all procurement consortia work by retrospectively charging the suppliers on their agreements a fee, rebate or commission. Whilst we do not charge our members any fees directly, we do charge our suppliers a small fee which they may incorporate into their pricing to members.

That is why our supplier fees are between 0.15% and 2% making them some of the lowest in the market. Consequently, making the indirect fee to members low too. Other established procurement consortia will charge on average 3% to 5%.

We’re not a privately owned profit-making organisation which means at Procurement Hub our members and suppliers can be confident in knowing how our fees are used. We understand the importance of being treated with enough respect to be transparent.

Every penny of surplus we generate goes back into social housing, social value projects and charities. Allowing us to give back in as many ways as possible. By working closely alongside many charities we can help give back to make a better future.

We are giving back to make a real impact with a social purpose, find out more here.