Social Value

Social value is at the heart of everything we do, we want to give back so others can move forward.

By taking into account wider social, economic and environmental effects we are actively making a conscious effort to make sure we are contributing to the long-term welfare of communities and society as a whole. We provide social value through community projects, charities, fundraising activities, spending decisions and our policies. This allows us to maximise our benefits to various communities.

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Impact is used by leading organisations that stand out for championing social value and sustainability. They are passionate about social responsibility and know that plenty of other businesses are too. Their aim is to give others the means to better analyse and report on their world-changing efforts.

Social impact - forming part of the sustainability triad - is about re imagining the purpose of your business. It’s moving past profitability and operating in ways that positively impact people, are of benefit to mankind, and help to improve the society we live in.

It’s time to pay more attention to the power, influence, and resources at your organisation’s disposal and to recognise how you can use these to help society at large.

By putting Impact at the core of your purpose led initiatives, you can become more compliant, more transparent with less work and prevent social good from slipping through the cracks.

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We work together with our partners and suppliers to help those in need. From supporting community projects to helping protect the natural world around us. 

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Christmas Community Lunch

Clare is running the London Marathon for BBC Children in Need