Procurement Audits

Do you want to understand how well procurement is managed in your organisation?  We can audit all areas of your procurement practices from policies and processes, contract compliance and management through to ongoing effectiveness to help you adopt procurement best practices and mitigate risk.

We offer three levels of procurement audits - lite, standard and Pro. The Audit Lite services focus on the fundamentals of procurement and audit procurement policies and procedures.  The standard service builds on this and reviews your organisations approach contracts and identifies potential risks of spending outside of a formal contract.  The Audit Pro will provide insight into the overall effectiveness of procurement in your organisation and we can work with you to deliver any required improvements. 

All versions of the Procurement audit include an in-depth report on our findings with recommendations. 

Procurement Audit Lite – from £5,000 + VAT 

Our procurement audit lite service looks at the fundamental policies and procedures that are required to deliver successful procurement.  We will review existing documents including procurement strategies, internal policies and whether there are documented procedures for different levels of spend and purchase to pay procedures.  We will also review the use of your project documents including standard operating procedures and tender projects.  You will be provided with a report documenting our findings along with recommendations and gap analysis. 

Procurement Audit – from £10,000 + VAT 

The standard procurement audit service includes all the benefits of the Lite service but also audits your contracts and the effectiveness of contract management in your organisation. We will look at your contracts register, use of standard terms and conditions, number of signed contracts, tender plan and how suppliers are managed. 

Procurement Audit Pro – from £15,000 + VAT 

The Procurement Audit Pro service is a full service that includes all the elements of the Lite and standard service as well as delving into the processes to provide greater insight for your organisation. We will check that your internal processes are being followed and will audit a selection of recent tender processes. We will also look at how well procurement is understood by non-procurement trained staff and can arrange further training sessions and can offer specific guidance and an action plan and practical support to help you implement recommendations. 

Key Benefits
  • Procurement experience - Access to a team of procurement experts who are experienced in the procurement auditing process
  • Reduce Costs - Create strategic cost saving recommendations for your organisation through tracked and measured recommendations.
  • Save time - Saving you and your business time with valuable, tailored guidance and support.
  • Results - Identify challenges and implement practical, measured recommendations to achieve your objectives and targets.
  • Clear objectives - Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your procurement procedures that could impact your organisation.
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*We provide all our pricing upfront as we are always transparent about our fees and are happy to discuss flexible pricing models with you.

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