Procurement Strategy Review and Development Service

Whether your organisation is at the beginning, middle or end of developing its procurement strategy, we’re able to work with and support your journey to implementing a progressive procurement procedure, ensuring the requirements of your organisation remain central to the project. We offer two services to help you build your procurement strategy.

Procurement Strategy Review Service - from £2,500* +VAT.

Our procurement strategy review service will assess your current procurement strategy and provide commentary in the form of a short written report as a first draft, looking at areas that need elaborating upon or supplying more contextual information. We’ll then arrange a meeting or video call to obtain your feedback before we then produce the final report with our recommendations.

Procurement Strategy Development Service - from £5,000* +VAT.

Our procurement strategy development service is beneficial if you’re writing a strategy for the first time, changing your current strategy due to organisational change, or need help to implement the recommendations following our procurement strategy review. Our procurement strategy development service is designed to help you create and develop a procurement strategy specific to your needs. This includes meetings with stakeholders, how to position the strategy for your organisation and advice on content including objectives, governance, relevant legislation, risks, training, targets, and compliance.

Why use these services?

  • Procurement knowledge - Our team of procurement experts will ensure your strategy is up to date with current legislation and best practice.
  • Clear objectives - Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy that could impact your organisation.
  • Save time - Saving you and your business time.
  • Results - Implement your new and improved strategy to achieve your objectives and targets.
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*We provide all our pricing upfront as we are always transparent about our fees and are happy to discuss flexible pricing models with you.

By using this service, you're helping others move forward. 10% of fees from our Consultancy Services will be donated directly to our charity partners. To find out more, click here.