A Year in Review 2021/2022

Procurement Hub Year In Review

Take a look back at a recap of our year from 2021-2022 in our Year in review brochure.

Here's a roundup of activities from the past year... 

  • We continued to drive change working with the cabinet office on the government's green paper
  • We launched our new Major Projects Framework (MPF2) as well as our Consultancy services
  • We continued giving back, so others can move forward and details of the charities we supported
  • A look at some of the projects we've delivered
  • Hear from some of our members
  • An overview of our Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems that made it all possible


"Last year continued to be a challenging environment for public sector procurement, and society  as a whole. The lingering challenges of Covid, coupled with continued product shortages, and the horrific social, moral, and economic impact of the invasion of the Ukraine had repercussions for us all. However, it was also a year of hope and promise of better things to come for public procurement. The Government’s Green Paper, ‘Transforming Public Procurement’ was promoting the biggest change to UK procurement legislation in a generation. The proposed Procurement Bill that followed on from the green paper, carries on the demand for greater transparency, accountability, and moral direction in public procurement. This, in addition to the proposed new processes that will be available — such as the ‘competitive flexible’ procedure, will mean welcome changes to UK public procurement when they arrive next year. It is fantastic to reflect back on such a challenging year therefore, and realise that Procurement Hub managed to continue to grow its customer base, received some amazing feedback from customers and suppliers, deliver strategic new solutions such as the Major Projects framework, and also donate almost £250,000 to charities along the way!Alan Heron, Director of Procurement.

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