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  • Take a look back at 2022-2023 with our Year in Review brochure for a recap of the year.

Take a look back at 2022-2023 with our Year in Review brochure for a recap of the year.

Procurement Hub Year In Review 2022 2023 (1)

Reflecting on all that we have achieved with our members and suppliers in the past year, we have created our annual Year in Review brochure to round up all the activities from 2022/2023.

  • We continued to drive change working with the cabinet office towards new UK procurement legislation
  • We launched our new Strategic Asset Management Services Framework (SAMS) as well as our Construction Works DPS
  • Our range of procurement solutions that makes everything possible
  • An overview of some projects we have delivered
  • We had our biggest year of Giving Back, so others can move forward
  • A snippet of what some of our members think 

"Looking back over the last year feels a bit like early spring. Ongoing economic, product and moral issues continue to affect us all, yet it feels like the seeds of hope and change are slowly being planted. There are so many things to be proud of and doing the right thing encompasses all of them. We have donated over £310,000 to various charities, supported multiple social value projects and been at the forefront of change for better procurement. These are not areas we support flippantly but are at the core of our values. We are in a privileged position where we can help organisations, which has a direct impact on communities. This responsibility is not something we take lightly. The new procurement legislation has gained momentum and is continuing to push for greater transparency and accountability. It will have a significant impact on everyone in public sector procurement. Our focus for the next year is to continue to drive this change and support our customers to make better, more informed choices. Whilst it would be nice to reflect on what has been another incredibly successful year for Procurement Hub, our time is better spent looking forward — continuing the drive towards greater integrity, transparency, and public benefit in procurement. Onwards!" - Sophie Quenby Head of Consortium Services

Click here, to view the brochure.