Giving Back 2021/2022

Giving Back Brochure

Take a look back at a recap of our giving back initiative from 2021-2022 in our brochure.

Find out more about our charity partners with a roundup of activities from the past year...

Including charitable donations, how this money helps those who need it most and why we put giving back at the forefront of the business so that others can move forward.

"For me the definition of social value is being able  to contribute to and impact people and communities directly. To see this impact and value is paramount  to understanding why we do what we do. To say I am incredibly proud of our donations to  charities this year is an understatement. The real  pleasure has been being able to visit some of our charities and really finding out about the difference  these donations make. We’re still very much in a time where charitable organisations rely more than ever  on funding from outside sources, so to help in anyway  is very much a privilege. Social value will always be at the heart of our business model, and that is something I am extremely proud of.” - Sophie Quenby Operations Manager.

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