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Procurement Hub is thrilled to announce the arrival of Courtney Cole as our new Client Relationship Manager for the South.

Courtney brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the team and will be strengthening relationships with clients to drive mutual success. 

At Procurement Hub, we believe in the power of collaboration, working alongside our clients to optimise their procurement processes and achieve their business goals. Courtney embodies this collaborative spirit perfectly. She's excited to dive deep into each client's specific challenges and opportunities, delivering tailored solutions and tangible results. 

Courtney’s experience will undoubtedly fuel our continued growth and innovation. We're confident that Courtney will be a valuable asset in helping us navigate the ever evolving procurement landscape and exceed client expectations. 

We sat down with Courtney to get to know more about her.  

Welcome to the team Courtney, could you tell us about your job as Client Relationship Manager?

I am delighted to assume the role of Client Relationship Manager for the South of England. I am excited to connect with our current clients, establish strong working relationships, and ensuring the value of their membership is maximised.  I am eager to engage with new clients, immersing myself in their world and effectively showcasing how our innovative procurement solutions can significantly enhance and bring value to their procurement processes. Above all, I am enthusiastic about contributing to the growth and success of both our current and future members.

What did you do before joining the company? Any skills that you think will benefit you in your new role?

Over the past seven years, I dedicated myself to the dynamic field of Cyber Security, serving a diverse clientele with a range of innovative solutions. This included leading substantial framework projects in collaboration with esteemed partners in the health sector and various councils. Through unwavering commitment and continuous growth, I ascended through the ranks, ultimately attaining the role of 'Client Relationship Manager.' 

My journey in sales provided invaluable insights, leading me to develop a genuine passion for the intricacies of client relationships. The CRM role has allowed me to fortify my core skills, focusing on relationship building, assisting others in achieving their long-term goals, and applying my empathetic qualities to create meaningful connections. 

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to bring these skills to Procurement Hub and Places for People, both recognised for their people-oriented approach. I look forward to contributing my expertise to foster collaborative and client-centric environments within these esteemed organisations.

What part of your role are you looking forward to the most?  

I'm looking forward to broadening my network of connections, forming new work relationships, and showcasing my adaptability in different environments. Additionally, I look forward to collaborating with clients on their innovative business strategies and assisting them in achieving their ultimate goals. Alongside this, I have observed the genuine care that the company extends to its employees, and having already experienced a warm welcome during my initial days here and am genuinely excited about what the future holds.

What are you enjoying most at Procurement Hub? 

Even though I've recently become a part of the team, my experience from the initial interviews to the warm welcoming messages, has highlighted that the most valuable aspect of Procurement Hub is the incredible people. I'm eager to delve deeper, learn more, and build stronger connections with the team.  

What can Procurement Hub's clients expect from you in terms of communication and support?  

Effective communication holds great significance for me, I'm known by my family and friends as the "organised chatterbox", this most likely explains my career choice in Sales. Despite my love for talking, I place equal importance on listening, acknowledging and understanding the voices of other people. I firmly believe in continual learning and remaining receptive to diverse opinions. As a result, Procurement Hub can anticipate my dedication, organisational skills, and communicative nature, coupled with a caring, empathic and approachable demeanour. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, when you're not at work, what do you get up to?  

When I'm not working, the majority of my time is dedicated to my canine companion. I share my life with a rescue pup, a delightful Collie-Cross who truly brightens my days. You could say, I proudly identify as one of those devoted dog moms. In addition to my furry friend, I actively participate in my local Amateur Dramatic Theatre Group, and because of my background in dancing it's led me to take on the role of a dancer choreographer associate for the theatre. Whether it's chilling with my dog or being around inspiring people, my hobbies and free time are consistently filled with meaningful experiences. 

Where's your happy place?  

This might contradict the earlier statement, but I find true contentment at home. While I enjoy socialising and the outdoors, nothing beats the satisfaction of being in my own space, unwinding with good food (probably pizza) and watching movies. I'm a huge fan of fantasy genres like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel, you can bet that on my 'home days,' I'll be indulging in these. However, if I were to pinpoint a specific 'happy place,' Greece holds a truly special spot in my heart. 

What’s your superpower?

I'd say my superpower is being an Empath —I have a keen ability to understand and connect with the emotions of those around me. Friends often playfully remark how people (even those I don’t know) seem to feel comfortable opening up, sharing personal experiences and life stories to me no matter where I am; it happens more often than you’d expect. For me, it truly feels like a gift because it allows me to provide support from a very genuine and non-judgmental perspective. I really do like being that 'supportive, caring' friend and I feel like that's a superpower. 

Finally, Coffee or Tea?

It's a tough call, but I'd have to go with both. I enjoy my daily cup of coffee, but if I have more than that, I'll be buzzing. Tea, on the other hand, is a daily ritual that keeps me going. So, in hindsight, I genuinely couldn’t live without either drink!

Welcome aboard, Courtney! We're excited to see the great things you'll accomplish as part of the Procurement Hub team. 

We encourage you to connect with Courtney and learn more about her expertise. She's eager to hear from you and discuss how Procurement Hub can help your organisation achieve its procurement goals. 

Get in touch here.