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Meet Louise Dodds, our new Client Relationship Manager for the North.

Louise Welcome Graphic 2

We’d like to welcome Louise Dodds to the Procurement Hub team, Louise will be covering the North and comes to Procurement Hub with over 10 years’ experience, providing procurement and contract management support to the housing sector. Louise has a great mix of skills to support both clients and supply chain partners. Her focus will be building strong relationships and provide ongoing support to ensure all parties succeed in their goals.  

“I'm really pleased to join such a diverse organisation and a team with a wide range of experience. The next few months will be an exciting time as I build relationships internally and externally with clients and supply chain partners. I hope to become one of the Procurement Hub family.”  

Get to know Louise:

I love: My family, friends, my partner who is my best friend and my garden. I’m happiest when I’m out in nature with the ones I love! 

I cry: At any cheesy film

I laugh: At nearly everything. I love to have fun and laugh at myself all the time

I eat: things I’ve grown in the garden and my dream is to have a larger veggie patch and mini orchard some day! 

I drink: Gin and a cheeky beer on a summer’s night. 

I play: I have been kayaking for about 7 years now and love nothing better than getting out onto the water to enjoy the wonderful Northumberland landscape and the local wildlife. 

I watch: I love a good crime drama and anything medical. Most folk think I’m mad as I can watch a live operation whilst eating my tea! 

I read: the news far too much! 

I listen: I love music and enjoy an eclectic mix from classical right through to trance. There’s not a lot I don’t like! 

I cringe: At myself on Teams! 

Welcome to the Procurement Hub team!