Current Solutions

We have strategically created a wide range of compliant and flexible solutions. Take a look at our solutions to find out how we can accommodate your procurement needs.



A flexible solution designed to make sure your organisation is in tune with all its regulatory requirements.

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The Consultancy DPS offers a wide range of services that ensure compliance and in depth specialist knowledge from leading industry experts.

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Legal Services

Our Legal Services DPS provides access to the best-in-class provider, with a flexible and tailored approach allowing you to retain control of your procurement activity.

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Specialist Contractors

Our Specialist Contractors DPS is designed to complement our other solutions for Property Works and Compliance Services, to offer full service support to help with all your repairs and maintenance related projects.

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Strategic Asset Management Services

Our Strategic Asset Management Services framework provides a full range of asset management consultancy services. We can help with everything from technical surveying to investment advice.

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Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety Dynamic Purchasing System offers a direct route to suppliers who can provide most services in the public housing sector, in a variety of settings, including commercial, residential, and non-residential properties.

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Property Works

Our Property Works solution enables you to meet the challenge of ongoing repairs and maintenance to your property stock.

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Construction Works

Our Construction Works DPS enables the Public Sector to directly engage with SME contractors to appoint trades packages on a supply and install and install only basis.

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Development Contractors

Our Development Contractors DPS connects you with specialist construction partners to help you deliver your development project to the highest standard.

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Major Projects

Major Projects Framework 2 provides a variety of construction work across England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. MPF2 sets out to be the most socially conscious, greenest, financially robust, and flexible construction framework available.

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Building Materials

A flexible solution offering a wide range of contractors with local and national coverage.

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Furniture and Furnishings

This Framework is to be a one stop solution that can be easily accessed with a reliable supplier on a single source basis.

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Strategic Materials

Our new Strategic Materials Framework offers a one-stop solution for building materials, providing a wide range of products for your general building, plumbing and heating, and electrical needs.

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Our Appliances Framework gives you access to a huge range of electrical products covering all key categories.

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